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Eek's 007 Page!

Welcome to my 007 page! I've been a bond fan most of my life! Have a look around.

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A history of James Bond

James has been played by many actors, I prefer the original, Sean Connery, but you choose! Here are those charming men who played bond.

Sean Connery stars as the original Bond.

George Lazenby, the second bond.

Roger Moore, number 3.

Timothy Dalton, the fourth bond.

The latest bond! Pierce Brosnan!

About James Bond

James Bond is probably the best agent in the world because he never fails. He's also a very famous character. There are now 17 official and two unofficial movies and many books. James Bond is Ian Fleming's creation and the movies are usually based on his book. The new Bond movies are based on John Gardner's books.

Bond works for British Secret Service as agent 007. He uses Walther PPK and has a licence to kill. "M" is his superior and "Q" is his equipment officer, who gives him all the gadgets he needs for a mission. He is also close to CIA operative Felix Leiter.

The mythic character of Bond is omniscient and is an expert in all sports. There are no languages he can't speak and no wine he can't identify. He can swim, ski, sky dive and ride a horse very well. He drives a car better than any race driver, flies any plane and of course, shoots a gun is incomparably. Women find him irresistible and he always wins at the casino.

James Bond was born on November 11, 1924, the son of a Scottish father and a Swiss mother. His father worked for the Vickers Armaments Company, and the family spent a great deal of time on the Continent, where young James learned to speak French and German. When he was 11, his parents were killed in a climbing accident and the boy went to live with his spinster aunt. He entered Eton at the age of 12, got into unspecified (but deducible) trouble with a maid in the second semester and was asked to leave; he transferred to Fettes, where he acquired renown as a lightweight boxer and saw to the establishment of a judo class.

Bond quit school when he was 17, though he subsequently took courses at the University of Geneva, where he also learned to ski. Claiming he was 19, Bond landed a job with the Ministry of Defense in 1941, working for the Special Branch of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves. A commander by the end of World War II, he was invited to join the secret service. After successfully executing 2 important assassinations, he was awarded the seventh Double-O number, which gave him legal licence to kill, but only in the line of duty. By 1954, 007 had been promoted to commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in recognition of his exceptional service.

Bond was briefly married to Countess Teresa di Vincenzo, but she was shot to death on their honeymoon by Ernst Stavro Blofeld after Bond thwarted his latest scheme to control the world.

The agent stands 183 centimeters (just over 6 feet), weighs 76 kilograms (just over 167 pounds) and has "dark, rather cruel good looks". His hair is black. He lives in a spacious ground-floor apartment off the Kings' Road in Chelsea. He has an elderly Scottish housekeeper named May. His hobbies are golf, gambling, luscious and exotic women, and cards. His favourite drink is a dry vodka martini, "shaken not stirred."

Bond Sounds!

From the Bond theme, to Goldeneye, enjoy these sounds!

James Bond Theme

From Russia with love




You Only Live Twice

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

We Have All The Time In The World

Diamonds Are Forever

Live And Let Die

The Man With The Golden Gun

Nobody Does It Better


For Your Eyes Only

All Time High

A View To A Kill

The Living Daylights

Licence To Kill



Here some of the bond movies, with story lines, Enjoy!


SPECTRE steals two nuclear missiles from NATO and wants to blackmail the world. Bond is sent to recover them. He gets a clue while in a health spa, and travels to Nassau. There he meets Domino Derval, and the bad guy, Emilio Largo.

Following Goldfinger was no easy task, but Thunderball did it well. Connery is as cool as usual. A brilliant plot and good action. Largo was a cool villain. This movie has always been known as the "underwater one". I liked the underwater scenes, the big final battle included. The movie moves a bit slow, but I think it's a good Bond movie.****

Download Thunderball! [12.4mb]

You only live twice

Bond's death is faked in HongKong, so the world thinks he's dead. Someone steals space ships while in orbit, one russian and one american. A World War III will break out, if Bond can't find them. He travels to Japan and co-operatives with "Tiger", the head of Japan's Secret Service. Bond joins to a ninja-clan, becomes japanese and gets married. Finally they get into Ernst Blofeld's secret headquarter in a volcano.

A good action movie. It went a little bit silly when they tried to make Sean Connery look like japanese, though. Anyway, Blofeld was cool, now when they showed his face at the first time. Donald Pleasence truly set the mold to other people who would play Blofeld. "Little Nellie" is one of the coolest gadgets Bond has ever had. This movie used to be Connery's last, so they packed everything into it. Lot of action, girls, exotic locations. Also, the only movie in which Bond drinks Vodka Martini "stirred, not shaken"!****

Download You only live twice! [13mb]

Diamonds are forever

Bond follows a smuggling chain and poses as Peter Franks. He meets another smuggler, Tiffany Case. After all, Bond finds out that it's Blofeld again, who is impersonating Willard Whyte. He needs all the diamonds for his satellite, with which he can terrorize the world. Yes, Bond has to stop Blofeld again.

Connery's last. Several good scenes (the chase between Bond and the Las Vegas Police and when Bond stole the moon buggy, for example). Yes, and Blofeld is still alive. Charles Gray (who played Mr. Henderson in You Only Live Twice) wasn't so good as Blofeld that Pleasence and Savalas. I didn't like those Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd. Seemed like they were put into the movie for a comic relief but they were just stupid, not funny. Someone says that the plot isn't realistic or the movie doesn't have any action, but I don't care. I like this one.****

Download Diamonds are forever! [11mb]

Live and let die

Three british agents have been killed. Bond is sent after Dr. Kananga. First he heads to New York's Harlem and meets there Mr. Big. He's a drug/crime boss. He also meets his fortune-teller Solitaire. Then Bond travels to Caribbea and to Solitaire's house. Of course he makes love with her so she loses her powers. Bond finds out that Dr. Kananga and Mr. Big are the same person. He ends up at Dr. Kananga's voodoo island, where Kananga has a heroin factory. Kananga's plan is to obtain a monopoly on the supply of heroin.

I think this is the first one I ever saw. A cool movie with all those voodoo flicks. Roger Moore brought a really new look to Bond and this a good beginning from him. Several good action scenes and quite a good plot. The movie has romance, humor, action and suspence. The speedboat chase was overlong, but cool. Seriff J.W. Pepper worked also well in the movie. I like the theme song (by Paul McCartney & Wings). A cool movie all around.****

Download Live and let die! [10.2mb]

The man with the golden gun

Bond is after Fransisco Scaramanga, a world class hitman, who kills with a single million-cost golden bullet. Scaramanga stoles a Solex accelerator which he needs for stealing sun power. Bond travels to Thailand. Bond ends up at Scaramanga's island, where Scaramanga challenges Bond to a duel.

Not as good as Live and Let Die. The plot is very thin. They had to bring back Seriff JW Pepper for a comic relief. Christopher Lee played Scaramanga well, but his character was less or more stupid. He's probably the most kind of all Bond villains. And Nick Nack, Scaramanga's little henchman. Boring. Some good parts, the cat-and-mouse suspense at Scaramanga's maze, for example.**

Download The man with a golden gun! [12.9mb]


Bond and his partner, Alec Trevelyan 006 are on a mission at Russia. Trevelyan dies, Bond escapes. Nine years pass. A Tiger helicopter is stolen. A research station, in Severnya, is destroyed with only two survivors. The weapon, the GoldenEye satelite is stolen. It can destroy anything with an electronic signature within a hundred miles radius. Bond goes to recover it and discovers that Trevelyan is alive and has turned into a bad guy. He wants to rob and then destroy London's computer system.

Download Goldeneye! [6.4mb]

Licence to kill

Felix Leiter gets married. Right before the wedding, he and Bond captured the international drug lord, Franz Sanchez. Sanchez escapes and takes his revenge on Felix. He feeds Felix's legs to the sharks and his new wife is raped and killed. Bond leaves Her Majesty's Secret Service and goes to revenge.

Too serious. Well, it fit into Timothy Dalton, anyway. This kind of plot just doesn't work in a Bond movie. Too much violence and revenging, it's below of it all. It was a bad idea to desicrate Felix, who has apperead so many times in Bond movies. The plot was strong, just not good. "Q" had a major role, that was a good point. This is a good action movie, but not a good Bond movie.***

Download Licence to kill! [2.2mb]

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