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Welcome to Eek's Best on the Web!

I have surfed the net for some time now, and been to many webpages, Some are trash, but some are not, here are the ones I kept on coming back to!

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Duckman! Hes the funniest! Go and check him out! Click this!

Movie Critic, for all you movie buffs out there like me, this is the place for you! Free membership too! Click this!

Want a drink? Sit back relax at this site... recipes for all the drinks you'll ever need. Click this!

Do you like Snoopy? (the cartoon) I've loved him and his cartoons! So, check it out! Click this!

Do you like toys? Well, even if you dont, bookmark this site! Its Full o fun! Click this!

Do you like Gardening? I dont, but for those green thumbs out there, you'll like this. Click this!

I'm sure you've been here before, but if you havent, Please do! The Dilbert Zone, wanna laugh? go here! Click this!

Educational? Yea, i guess you could say that. A good site anyway. Click this!

Hotwired! Wired's online E-zine! Check it out! Click this!

Entertainment Weekly, for the latest news in entertainment! Check out this site! Click this!

CultureZone, an ezine, check it out. Click this!

T@p Online, A great place! Check it out! Click this!

Sierra Online, A great place!! Go here! Click this!

Comics World! For all you comic lovers out there! Click this!

Firefly! Another great place! You'll like it! Click this!

Rick Dee's homepage! He's a kewl radio jock, Check it out! Click this!


Well there is my huge list of kewl places to visit, if you want more, email me! There will be more coming. Please go to these places! They all deserve some attention because they are all really well made. Thanks for visiting!

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