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Welcome to Eek's Homepage...

Greetings! Its nice to see people come to this place. Welcome to my place! So have a look around! Like the groovy music? If you'd like to a cheap thrill just click the reload button a few times to watch the counter go up!

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Here is some music i enjoy. If you want some video clips of a few songs, here is the place to go. If you want lyrics or guitar tabs, there are also a few here too.


Here are the shareware games i have for you to download. If your looking for pretty recent shareware, it should be here. Feel free to email me for requests or faulty links.

Tv Series'

Here are several pages on different shows on tv. A few more will be added later. If you enjoy the Xfiles, Mr. Bean, the Simpsons or Seinfeld you might want to have a look around.


This is the movie section. If you want history, multimedia or just a browse, feel free to look around. At the moment there is only 2 movie themes available.


Humor, its all around us. If you want a laugh right now, here is the ticket for you.


Finally, Links, various places i have been or reccomend, if you want to go someplace from here, this is it.

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