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Welcome to Eek's Simpsons Page!

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The simpsons is known world wide, and is popular with people of all ages. This page consists of Simpsons characters, pictures, sounds and Information on the Simpsons. I decided to make a simpsons page because of its popularity and stunning ability to add humor to everyones lives. Well... Here it is, enjoy!

Simpsons Characters!


This is a picture of all the Animated characters that have been on the Simpsons!


Homer, The large father of the simpsons. His lack of knowledge and doh-ing add to the humor of this show.


Marge, the Mother of the simpsons, She keeps the simpsons household together while looking after each member of the Simpson Family.


Lisa, a gifted student and lover of saxaphone. She often plays the blues and wonders how she fits into the Simpson family.


Bart is less gifted than his sister but adds to the humor of the simpsons with his pranks, jokes and rebellious deeds.


Maggie, the cute, and youngest of the Simpson family. She loves the Tv and Marge most out of the Simpson family.

Simpsons QuikTime Clips!

I found some quiktime clips at Ryan Websters Homepage, please feel free to go there... click THIS! You'll need quiktime to run these clips. You can download the latest version HERE! These are some of the great clips from the Simpsons! Here ya go...

The Spinemelter 2000 - 4400k

Homer's Vigilante Group - 2388k

The Osaka Flu - 2664k

Homer Practises for Whacking day - 2445k

Fuzzy Bunny - 5277k

Simpsons Links!

There are only a few sites here, but enough because these have links to many... well check em out!

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