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Welcome to Eek's Starwars page!

Welcome, come in and enjoy the marvellous starwars pictures, sounds, and many other starwars related novelties! This page is dedicated to George Lucas for creating the original Starwars film. He continues in his work and is now creating additional movies. Enjoy yourself!

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Starwars Pics

Left; A portrait of George Lucas and his creations.

Above; An old advertisment for Starwars the film.

Above a painting of the battle on Hoth.

Above, Tie fighters escort a Tyderian shuttle to the Death Star.

Above, Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

Two Tie Fighters escort the Tyderian Shuttle to the Death Star.

Tie Fighters in Combat.

Bwings, i like em.

Starwars Sounds!

Darth Vader is my personal favourite character, so here are a few of his sounds.

  • Vader-Dont make me destroy you

  • Vader-There will be a substancial award...

  • Vader-You are part of the rebel...

  • Vader-Dont make me destroy you

  • Vader-What is thy bidding...

  • Vader-All to easy...

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