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Welcome to Eek's Warcraft II Page!

Welcome to my Warcraft II page, I'm a big fan of Warcraft II and Love to play it. Check out the stuff I've collected on warcraft II!

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Go to Blizzard, the fantastic makers of this game;


As much as I hate cheats, and i know it spoils the whole game, all you cheaters out there who haven't already got 'em, try these...

there can be only one = Win Entire Game

unite the clans = Victory of current level

you pitiful worm = Defeat on current level

never a winner = Allows gameplay after level objectives are completed

Skipping Levels(replace X with level number)

tigerlily = Enables level skipping cheat

orc X = Skip to level X (orc campaign)

human X = Skip to level X (human campaign)

make it so = Makes building and training time quicker

hatchet = lumber in 2 chops

it is a good day to die = Makes you invinclible & attack kills almost everything in two hits

deck me out = All upgrades (except magic)

every little thing she does = Upgrades all magic, and infinite manna

noglues = Players are not affected by magical traps

glittering prizes = Gives you 10,000 gold; 5,000 lumber; and 5,000 oil

valdez = Gives you 5000 oil

spycob = Gives you 5000 oil

showpath = Uncovers the map (doesn't work in multiplayer)

on screen = Uncovers the map (works in multiplayer)

fastdemo = Makes the demos from main menu start faster

Wierd Cheats

ucla = Displays "Go Bruins!" on the screen

day = Displays "fief" on the screen

netprof = Red lines in background

Warcraft II lynx

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    Characters of Warcraft II

    For all you who are new to Warcraft II... Shame on you. But here are what all the Characters look like

    Orc Units

    I dont like humans, so all you human lovers can go someplace else to see them! GO THE ORCS!

    Puds you can download

    These puds come from Pudland, go there for plenty more puds...

    These puds are all one player puds, for multiplayer puds, and more please go to PUDLAND! To Download these puds, just hold shift and click on the name. You will need Pkunzip or Winzip to uncompress these files. If you have any problems with these files, please dont mail me, mail pudland. Well, enjoy!


    Warcraft and Warcraft 2 are Copyright 1996 by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

    All Rights Reserved.

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