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Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson play these two brilliant characters in a cult t.v series made by Chris Carter. The X-files.

This page is dedicated to all the cast/crew/makers/or anything/one to do with the Xfiles, and for it being such a success. This page consists of mainly pictures from the Xfiles and has links down the bottom. Enjoy.

Check out the pics above... I like it...


All stats and information about characters are collected from The official guide to the Xfiles.

Fox Mulder

  • Name: Fox William Mulder

  • Badge Number:: JTT047101111

  • Height: 6 feet

  • Weight: 170 pounds

  • Hair: Brown

  • Eyes: Green

  • Birthplace: Chilmark, MA

  • Current address: Apt. 42, Alexandria, Virginia

  • Distinguishing Features: Mole on right cheek

  • Family: Father Bill, Mother (Name?), sister Samantha. Father lived at West Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Mother lives at 2790 Vine St, Chilmark, Massachusetts.

  • Education: Oxford University, A.B. in Psychology, 1982. Quantico Training Academy, 1984


  • From the X-Files FAQ

    Agent Fox Mulder, an Oxford-trained psychologist with a photographic memory, is one of the FBI Violent Crimes division's best agents, although he is in disfavor with not only his superiors but also his colleagues because of his interest in the Bureau's X files. He stumbled upon these files, dealing with unexplained phenomena, during his first three years with the Bureau, as a crack analyst in the Bureau's behavioral sciences department. [Chris Carter, Starlog #201, April 1994]

    His fascination with the paranormal stems from a childhood incident -- his sister Samantha disappeared from their home in Chilmark, Mass. (pop. 650) when he was 12 and she was 8. Mulder claims she was abducted by aliens; during regressions he recalled hearing his sister's cries for help, and a bright light which kept him paralyzed and told him that his sister would be all right. [Conduit] This memory differs from a dream Mulder experienced one night [Little Green Men]. Mulder has come in contact with an alien hybrid who claimed to be Samantha and an alien bounty hunter who told him that his sister was alive. He has vowed to continue his search for her [Colony/End Game].

    Mulder's early meteoric rise at the Bureau enabled him to make high-placed friends in Congress -- one of them being SETI proponent and influential senator Richard Matheson [Little Green Men]. These contacts had kept him from retribution from higher-ups, although they assigned him a partner, with the tacit idea of discrediting what he does so that he can be dismissed. However, Mulder picked up a somewhat vacillating ally in a mysterious covert individual known as Deep Throat. [Deep Throat, Fallen Angel, Eve, Young at Heart, E.B.E., Erlenmeyer Flask].

    Dana Scully

  • Name: Dana Katherine Scully, M.D.

  • ID Number: 2317-616

  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches

  • Hair: Red

  • Eyes: Blue

  • Date of Birth: 23 February, 1964

  • Current Address: 3170 W. 53 Rd. #35 Annapolis, Maryland

  • Telephone: (202) 555-6431

  • Family: Father William, Mother Margaret, Elder brother William "Bill Jr", Elder sister Melissa, younger brother Charles

  • Education: B.S. Physics, University of Maryland, 1986. Medical degree (unknown), residency in forensic pathology.

  • Publications: Senior thesis: "Einstein's Twin Paradox: A New Interpretation."


    From The X-Files FAQ

    Dana Katherine Scully is a medical doctor with an undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Maryland [Jersey Devil]. She was recruited for the FBI right out of medical school, and had been teaching at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va. She was assigned by Section Chief Scott Blevins to be Mulder's partner in order to keep an eye on him and determine whether he is perhaps too obsessed with the X files.

    Scully is skeptical of anything paranormal, believing that everything has a logical, scientifically-quantified explanation. Though in most of the cases she and Mulder have been on she has not witnessed any overt paranormal activities, she has had brushes with unexplainable phenomena that may have her start questioning her beliefs [Beyond the Sea; Lazarus; Born Again; Erlenmeyer Flask; Fresh Bones; Colony; End Game; The Calusari]. However, she is determined to uncover the science behind the phenomena [End Game].

    Xfiles Multimedia

    Xfile Video Clips

    These Quiktime video clips can be downloaded, by holding down shift and clicking on the link. Enjoy, these videoclips are available at

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    Xfiles Sounds

    These are just a few good sounds you might like... if you dont already have them... here ya go, as usual, to download them, hold down shift, while clicking on the link. Have fun!

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    Xfiles Lynx

    These are but a few, of the total pages on the xfiles made... there are plenty out there... as well as the truth of course.

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